Doctor Song Qinggeng

Dr. Song Qinggeng, a renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. His stay within the sanctuary as a visiting practitioner is one that delights guests from around the globe, and sparks admirable interest in those visiting for the first time.

Raised in China in the early '70s, Dr. Song entered Shanghai's University of TCM in 1992. Since graduating, he has earned 31 certificates in the various fields of TCM, and both teaches and practices martial arts on a faithful basis. He also nurtures in himself a natural gift as a healer and an interest in balancing energy, or Qi."Many illnesses are the result of the body's Qi losing balance," he says, "For example; fear can lead to a loss of energy, while sorrow can cause lung problems."

Dr. Song specialises in spinal care and bone setting, a Chinese form of chiropractic work. He addresses issues in the neck and lower back, and devises weight loss regimes for his patients. He is an expert in anti-aging treatments including the acupuncture-based facial rejuvenation, and also advises on sexual health and female infertility.During his stay, Dr. Song will teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong as part of the Kamalaya Holistic Activities Schedule, and will be offering a variety of related treatments designed to give you a balance of good health, well being and personal harmony.