My Kamalaya journey....actually it was journey to myself!

First time I decided to travel alone and also far away from home, from my home Finland. I was 45 years old, and I hadn't never travel alone before. My friends, parents, my husband were asking me all the time, am I nervous, am I scared, my answer was that no I'm not, actually I know that I have to make this journey to Kamalaya and travel deep to myself. I was very peaceful with that thought that I will be alone in Kamalaya. Answer came to me when I "landed" to Kamalaya, why I had so peaceful mind, this atmosphere in Kamalaya is amazing, so loving, caring, relaxing, full of God's energy. In every bird, every butterfly, every gecko, every people, it was there, the power of love.

I spent 2 weeks at Kamalaya, and I have to admit that first week was interesting and also kind of hard. That because my mind was couple days ago before my journey in how you say in "rat race", and now I was in totally opposite place. I ate differently, I drank differently, I tasted so many new flavours that I had never before taste! I even moved differently! First of all spending time with myself was amazing, what a source I really have inside of me. So many beautiful ideas came out of my mind when I was in different kind of treatments, talked with different kind of people. I learnt to listen myself differently than before in my daily life. Wow, I really had time of my life and most important time for myself!

Actually what happened was that when I came back home, this manifestation is still going. The most important thing I learnt in Kamalaya is that I can ask now myself question: What I want! I also learnt more to love and respect every living thing. Funny, I made wish before my journey, that I want to have new friends, friends which really care about me and accepts me as I am. My wish came true, now I have many friends, which are supporting me all the time. Amazing!

I have travelled a lot, but I have never cried so much when I left from Kamalaya, I felt that I left part of me in Kamalaya, and it was really hard to adapt back to this "rat race". Actually now I understand that I don't have to adapt anymore so much to this "rat race". I found way to live my life more happier. What most important thing I learnt in Kamalaya was meditation, second important thing is way to cook and eat. I got really tasty recipes with me, and I have cooked so healthy food for all my family. And food is really good! My father, who normally eat a lot of meat, said that it's amazing how vege-meal can full him totally, in spirit and also in physical way.

What I miss the most about Kamalaya? In two words, PEACE AND LOVE.

Thank you for giving me chance to change and thank you for sharing your love with me.

Love and hug,


Sari Orrensalo