Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to help nurture a healthy lifestyle.
Try some of Kamalaya's healthy recipes in the comfort of your own home to keep you focused and inspired.
There will be videos and written recipes showing you how to prepare Kamalaya cuisine, as well as commentary from Karina Stewart and the Kamalaya team.

Mango with Sweet Sticky Rice

1 Portion

Sticky rice steamed  100 gr
Fresh mango, 1/2 pcs  100 gr
Sesame seed  1 gr
Fresh coconut sauce  70 ml
Mangosteen sorbet   1 scoop
Orchid flower   1 pc

First place the sticky rice and 30 ml of the coconut sauce in to the sauce pan.

The rice needs to be soft and fluffy but also sticky.

Heat up to a warm temperature the left coconut sauce and place the liquid in to a cup to serve beside the rice and mango.

Cut the half piece of mango as shown on the picture, bring the sticky rice in desired shape and sprinkle the sesame on top of the rice and sauce.

Serve across the sauce 1 scoop of mangosteen sorbet and garnish with the orchid.


V... Vegan
R... Raw
L... Lacto Ovo
D... Detox