Stephen Kirwin

Our bodies hold many things - past injuries - physical, emotional and spiritual. Our habits can also give us a limited range of motion, that can limit our freedom of movement and ultimately cause pain.

Deep tissue healing uses the techniques of neuromuscular release to free the natural healing power of the body. Using a pressure right for you and your state of health, we will explore areas of your body that you feel may be blocked, holding onto something or just tighter than you would like to be. Deep Tissue Release can also help eliminate deep toxins held in muscle and organs and can speed up the detox process.

Stephen ties in a unique blend of structural integration, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral therapy and genuine deep tissue therapy to help you meet your goals and get you back to back to a freer looser form, so you can enjoy your work and play more.

About Stephen:

Stephen Kirwin BA CMT is a graduate of the University of Colorado and The Boulder College of Massage Therapy. He has been practicing neuromuscular and orthopedic sports massage for 15 years. He is a ten-time iron man triathlon finisher. While in the US Stephen worked directly with such athletes as Iron man champions Scott Tinley and Dave Scott as well as members of Lance Armstrong's champion Tour de France cycling team. Stephen also works with executives, actors, and yoga practitioners looking to heal and release muscles and deepen their own practices in yoga or simply to feel better.

Stephen currently practices in integrative wellness centers in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Stephen T Kirwin