Daphne Tse, Bobby Parrs and friends


Bhakti Yoga: Kirtan Concert

Tuesday 31st July 2018

At 20.30 in Yantra Hall

Join Daphne Tse for an enchanting Kirtan concert as she combines the healing power of ancient Sanskrit mantras with the uplifting sounds of World music.  During Kirtan performances, the division between artist and audience is much less apparent and listeners are gently encouraged to sing along with the mantras in a supportive and positive environment. 
Daphne’s music calls upon sacred energies that serve to quieten the mind, remove obstacles and assist with bringing us back to the very centers of our being.  Join us to experience the power of healing mantra music with this special performance from Daphne, Bobby Parrs and friends in the relaxed setting of the Yantra Hall.  This event is open to everyone with no previous musical experience or ability required!

SoulSongs Concert


Saturday 4th August 2018

at 20.30 in Yantra Hall

Immerse yourself in the soulful, soothing sounds of mantra infused world music.  Journey the globe as Daphne Tse’s peaceful songs transport you from India to America, to Japan and beyond. 
Be enchanted by the magical fusion of Daphne’s angelic voice and acoustic guitar, accompanied by the masterful guitar riffs and healing soundscapes of Bobby Parrs.

About Daphne: Daphne is a spirited, soulful artist and teacher originally from Texas who currently calls the world her home. Since her first yoga class 20 years ago, Daphne has merged her spiritual practice with her contemporary folk singer-songwriter style.  She has studied music at UT in Austin, Kirtan music with Jai Uttal, and sound healing with Jonathan Goldman.   Daphne has released 4 albums and is currently touring her new album, SoulSongs: Music for Living Yoga.  Daphne is inspired by her global travels and honored to share her music and teachings at Kamalaya with grace and joy for living life fully.  www.daphnetse.com

About Bobby: A New York City native now based in Koh Samui, guitarist/producer Bobby Parrs has been an active force in the music scene for over three decades.  A diverse, seasoned musician and performer, Bobby has been touring for the last 30 years at festivals throughout North America, Hawaii, Asia and Europe.  Always on call, Bobby’s supportive role as a player has earned him a chair with such notable international artists as, Jai Uttal, Jon Anderson, Daniel Paul, Daphne Tse, Dona De Lory, Zero, Fantuzzi, John Martyn and Pamela Polland to name just a few. 

All events  are Complimentary for all Kamalaya Guests Entrance fee is 300 baht for Samui Residents and Vacationers All proceeds will go toward Kamalaya’s Charity Fund


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Daphne Tse, Bobby Parrs and friends

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