Mantra Concert with Shivani Ma


Tuesday 13th June, 2017
Thursday 15th June, 2017
20.30 hrs at Yantra Hall

Join Shivani Ma in an evening of mantra singing and celebration of life. Dive into a joyful journey of musical repetition of the divine names. Together we will unite our hearts and voices in devotion and surrender, allowing the energy to pulsate as one flow of love. Shivani Ma will be performing with her band with Bobby Parrs on the guitar, BB with purcussion and Govinda with his beautiful vocal.

Shivani is a devotional singer, sharing mantra music, kirtan and sound healing. Since early teenage years she began studying yoga philosophy, meditation and psychoanalysis. Her time in deep contemplation at an ashram during her early years, eventually led her to practice of Nada Yoga (yoga of sound), mantra, and devotional singing. She studied in India vocal and classical Indian music. Also expended her studies in vocal improvisation sound healing and breathwork.

She is passionate about uncovering layers of  consciousness, to remember our innermost essence through love in music, sound, breath, dance, and devotionalchanting, cultivating the connection with the power of inner silence and universal wisdom that liberates and guides us to self-realization.


All events are Complimentary for all Kamalaya Guests Entrance fee is 300 Baht for Samui Residents and Vacationers All proceeds will go toward Kamalaya’s Charity Fund



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