10 Year Anniversary Week Celebrations 

Celebrating 10 years since John and Karina Stewart and Marc A. Cornaz welcomed the first guest to Kamalaya, we have been delighted to host a festival of special events and celebrations taking place at the resort and throughout the world in 2015.  We are thrilled to be joined by many dear friends from around the world to celebrate our anniversary week.

Power Chant Concert by Michael Sch
örnig and Bettina Keller

3rd November 2015
20:30 at the Yantra Hall
Experience the expanding power of ancient Sanskrit Mantras from India, combined with heartfelt melodies composed by Bettina and Michael . Being a couple, they love to sing together, this is how they were brought together and originally met. Bettina and Michael especially love to singing harmonies, accompanied by their guitar and Indian harmonium. Their voices touch peoples' hearts and awaken a deep inner peace and love. Join Bettina and Michael at this special event, relax and enjoy the beauty of the moment with the sound and silence in between.

Entrance fee is 300 baht for Samui residents and vacationers. All proceeds will go toward Kamalaya’s Charity Fund.”

Devadasi with Paramjyoti
6th November 2015 

16:00 - 17:30 at the Yantra Hall
Join  classically-trained  dancer,  Paramjyoti,  for  an  afternoon  of  learning  and movement. Paramjyoti will introduce you to the spirit and heart of Devadasi, an old tradition of temple dance. The group will have the opportunity to play with forms, which Paramjyoti gives as examples, to explore different movement qualities and their effects on the body-mind system. Mostly though we want to engage in the movements and the dance which rises when  we  open  gates  inside  ourselves  for  the  effortless  play  of  the divine force and have it move through us.

About: Paramjyoti has studied under Bertram Ross and Mary Anthony in Manhattan and also spent seven years in India where she first gained inspiration for her Dance Ritual. After graduating with a diploma in Modern Dance from Amsterdam School of the Arts in 1998, Paramjyoti founded ‘Devadasi – Dance of the Heart’ in 2002 out of an inner search for truth and the natural way of expression via dance. With this continuously unfolding art, Paramjyoti travels worldwide to share love and truth, bridging cultures and spiritual beliefs.
For more information visit: www.tanzdesherzens.de
This event is complimentary to join.


Vajra Live in Concert

8th November 2015
20:30 at the Yantra Hall
Eastern instrumental group, Vajra, was formed in 1996 with an objective to help preserve Nepal’s dying music tradition. From the beginning of the group’s establishment it has been committed to saving classic Nepalese music with studio recordings and live performances. Typically featuring a lineup consisting of the instruments Sarod, Esraj, Jaltarang and Tabla, Vajra is also known to add to the mix very traditional Nepalese instruments including the Khin, Damokhin, Dhaa, Madal and more. Vajra has performed over Europe and West Asia and has released several well-regarded studio albums. This concert is not one to be missed.
Vajra Members
Mohan Prassad Joshi (guru): Jaltarang
Suresh Raj Bajracharya: Sarod
Santosh Bhakta Shrestha: Esraj
Bidur Rajkarnikar: Tabla and percussion
For more information and music streaming visit: www.sureshrajbajracharya.com.np
This concert is complimentary to join.

10 November

Morning Fire Ceremony at Yantra Lawn 

The Fire Ceremony – Sanskrit Havan or Homa - is an ancient sacred Indian ritual. It consists of offering foods and our prayers to the fire representing the Sun as the giver of life and light. The sacred fire consumes our offerings and our prayers. The smoke which rises purifies the atmosphere and carries our prayers to the subtle dimensions of creation, whereas the ashes are traditionally used for medicinal purposes.Sri Babaji said, “Havan is that which brings rain, which brings grain”. Creation stems from Havan as the manifest form of Divine Beings. Whatever we offer goes directly to the Gods invoked. Doing Havan brings happiness and the joys of life, good thoughts and love for one another. The smoke removes what is harmful in the atmosphere and attracts what is good, thereby increasing abundance and prosperity in the world.
This event is by invitation only.

Dance of the Heart’ Dance Ritual by Paramjyoti at the Yantra Hall
“Dance of the Heart” is a devotional prayer expressed in the language of graceful physical movement. It is a  mudra which serves as a doorway to the Highest Mystical Truth and Supreme Knowledge.
In the dance ritual, Paramjyoti guides participants through a discovery of their own inner dance - a deeper understanding of their true selves and the way to outwardly express and enhance them. The dancer, invites the audience to participate actively, since the dance ritual´s nature is one of a shared prayer. People are invited to sing simple spiritual songs and to interact. Part of the dance ritual, which is invented by Paramjyoti herself, is an offering for individual people. She spontaneously dances before the individual for 2 – 5 minutes, expressing her interpretation of the person’s energy, mind and personality. Her movement becomes highly symbolic of the person’s inner nature.

11 November

Morning Buddhist Monk Blessing Ceremony at Front Lobby

Anniversary Dinner

Join us at the Yantra Hall lawn for a special dinner marking 10 years since the day John, Marc and Karina welcomed the first guest to Kamalaya.

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