Bhakti Yoga: Exploring the Goddesses through Kirtan

Monday 18th July 2016
18.30 - 19.30 at the Yantra Hall

Kirtan - mantra chanting concert - calls upon sacred energies, which serve to quiet the mind, remove obstacles, and bring us back to the centers of our being. From Asia to the Americas, Europe and beyond, we will experience the power of the healing mantras of the Goddesses including Saraswati, Tara, Quan Yin, Durga, Lakshmi and more.

Kirtan and Soulsongs Concert with Daphne Tse & Friends

Saturday 23rd July 2016
20.30 at the Yantra Hall

Join Daphne and friends for an evening of chanting and singing to the Divine! We'll sing sacred songs from many traditions honoring the Shakti that is within each of us... opening our hearts and connecting through our voices together. All are welcome. No musical background needed.


Daphne is a soulful singer-songwriter, yogini and teacher from Texas. Since her initial yoga class 20 years ago, she has merged her spiritual practice with her contemporary folk singer-songwriter style. She studied music at UT in Austin, The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, Berklee College of Music and kirtan music with Jai Uttal. She has released music on Shiva Rea's yoga music compilations and has released 3 albums, Mata (recorded in Bali), Finding Water (recorded on Kauai), and Samahita Live (recorded on Samui). Daphne is a certified yoga teacher and co-founder of SpiritDance SoulSong (a healing movement and music modality created with Ellen Watson on the island of Bali). She is inspired by her global travels and is honored to share her music and teachings at Kamalaya with grace and joy for living life fully.

Entrance fee is 300 baht for Samui residents and vacationers. All proceeds will go toward Kamalaya's Charity Fund.



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