“Living Your Being into Form”
Satsang with Bernie “B” Prior

Saturday 7th May, 11.00 - 12.30 at the Gallery
Sunday 8th May, 18.30 - 20.00 at the Gallery

Join “B” in Satsang and take the opportunity to ‘Be Greater Awareness in Life’ in all its facets from the microcosm of your personal life to the macrocosm of universal existence.
B’s unique and deeply enlightening perspective and his heartful invitation to open to greater love in all things will ignite your heart and being from the inside out!

“When you really begin to awaken you learn to give your self back to your being within your heart. Live your being into form – that’s your greatest love, that is all you are really about.”
- B

About: “B” (Bernie Prior) is a deeply realised contemporary spiritual pioneer and teacher whose life is entirely devoted to the awakening of All.

With true compassion, humor and uncompromising truth, B brings the highest teaching straight to our core and into our daily life. His call is to profoundly awaken whilst living in the world.

B’s teaching about enlightened partnership, real intimacy and the calling to a higher love as men and women of truth undoes and transcends everything the world has taught us. True partnership is revealed as the natural evolutionary way to self-realisation.


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