Guedra Dance with Rosa Rojas

Monday 9th May 2016
Wednesday 11th May 2016
11.30 - 13.00 at Yantra Hall

Guedra Blessing Dance Performance
Friday 13th May 2016
18.30 - 19.30 at Yantra Hall

Guedra is a blessing dance from the Tuerag, a nomadic North African Berber people. Guedra is performed to envelop everyone present with positive energy, peace and love. The rhythmical chanting and clapping of the dancer’s fingers all have their origin in ancient symbolism in the rhythm of the heart beat. It is the deepest expression of their souls and provides protection from a hostile environment and negative energy. The workshop will feature three blessing chants and counterclapping of the Guedra dance.

About Rosa
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rosa Rojas began her journey into traditional sacred dances and songs in 1995. She had the privilege of studying with Katarina Burda, founder and director of the Middle Eastern dance company Aywah! This included intensive training in the traditional folk dances of Turkey, Macedonia, Egypt, and Morocco. Rosa was a solo singer in Aywah! and member of Ms. Burda’s saz performance trio.

She has been featured in several Afghan music videos, including with the famed Ehsan Aman, which was featured in the movie “The Kite Runner”, and toured and performed with numerous Persian singers such as Moin, Gloria Rohani and Afghan singer Habib Qadari.

Through her work, Rosa has developed an enthusiastic following in the Persian and Afghan communities. Rosa was an artistic director and teacher for the Ballet Afsaneh Dance Academy in San Jose, CA for four years, from ‘04-’08, collaborating with the Alborz Farsi School and the award-winning Nejad World Music Center.



Images of Tantra, by Robert Powell

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