Photo by Marek Kruszewski

Frequency Watercolors, Sound and Color Experience with Jeppe Hein

Monday 21st March
Friday 25th March
Monday 28th March
Friday 1st April
From 16.00 until 19.00 at the Alchemy Lounge

In Jeppe’s workshops we create our own unique artwork.  By  vibrating  various  paints  in  singing bowls,  an  image  of  multi-coloured  drops  can be  created  from  the  intensity  of  vibration.  As an attempt to visualize sound, the watercolors display  a  graphic  representation  of  resonating frequencies.

Besides  the  creative  experience,  we  will discover and enjoy the quiet and floating rhythm of the singing bowls while we’re painting. If you hit  the  singing  bowl,  the  vibration  creates  a sound which resonates in a sound wave of many different nuances from the original tone. This sound floats through the air and through our bodies, especially if they are near or directly touching the bowls. Thus the use of singing bowls is very inspiring for our deepest inner self and stimulates all the senses.

This  workshop  is  for  everyone  who  is  interested  in  sound,  painting,  art,  balancing  & calming, stimulating creativity, de-stressing.

About Jeppe: “In my work as an artist I focus on establishing interaction and dialogue between  artwork  and  audience.  My  installations  offer  the  possibility  to  physically engage with an artwork, to exchange with others and to look inside yourself at the very moment when you’re in the middle of your own experience. My main intention is to create a spontaneous, lucid and open moment for each person, whether it is a kid, an adult, an art connoisseur or someone who has no connection to art at all. My work with singing bowls has a similar objective. The play of the healing sounds, the colours jumping out of the bowl when hit or circled, together these experiences encourage a dialogue between color, sound and one’s inner feelings. It feels like an invitation for me to take a deep breath, focus on my balance and become aware of my inner self. This is an experience that I would like to share with other people.”



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