Alexander and Carolin Toskar

Carolin & Alexander Toskar lead spiritual centers in Switzerland and Germany and are internationally renowned healers, spiritual teachers and authors.Carolin & Alexander have established the Spiritual Health Foundation, whose mission is to develop spiritual healing and wellbeing for children and vulnerable people. The Foundation is a non-profit organization.For more information visit


Divine Straightening.

New Dimensions in Spiritual Healing."The book feels very timely, as it explains how we are entering a new, Golden Age, where humanity has the opportunity to transform, both on an individual basis and as a whole."

Health as a Path.

A guidebook for spiritual healing and health-care in everyday life. "A book for daily practise and against minor complaints that is appealing and highly spiritual. It is well done and gives many impulses to stimulate the selfhealing powers." - Yoga! Das Magazin, Switzerland

Healing Meditations CD

Spoken and energetically programmed healing exercises by Carolin & Alexander that stimulate powerful healing and cleansing processes.